Soccer Equipment List

Soccer Equipment

All soccer players, regardless of professional status, wear compulsory equipment in order to have an organized, safe and fun game.

The most important piece of soccer equipment is the ball. It's necessary to have one (or two) at hand for every match. Other soccer equipment, like shin guards and mouthguards are used by players for safety purposes.

The standard soccer uniform, including a jersey, shorts, socks and cleats, is common for all players and allows the referee to easily identify the two teams and many players.

However, the referees also have to be equipped with certain items in order to execute a proper game. The list below is comprehensive of equipment for players, referees and items to have a successful match.

Here is a complete list of all the equipment required to play in a game of soccer:

The following game equipment is required in order for the teams to have a successful soccer match:

As we learned, the soccer goals are located at both ends of the pitch, and for a fair game to occur, there has to be two of them.

An approved match ball is required for a game. The referee needs to approve the ball prior to the start of the game. Match balls are usually softer to the touch, which is not common for practice balls.

And of course, you need a pitch to play on! The pitch, also referred to as the soccer field, is the playing area for the game. Soccer pitches can range from 100-120 yards in total, and vary for younger leagues and ages.

What equipment do soccer goalies need?

Like a field player, goalies wear the traditional uniform, but often times, their goalie jersey is a different color from the rest of the jerseys. Goalies wear extra equipment for protection and better ball handling. Here is a list of their equipment:

Goalie gloves are essential for proper ball handling. Since the goalie is the only player that is permitted to use his hands throughout the entire game, it's important to maintain control at all times, especially in wet weather conditions.

The goalie jersey's function is similar to the players' jerseys. The goalie is already easily identifiable as the player by the goal, but he should stand out even more with a bright goalie jersey.

Like other players, goalies also wear the compulsory protective gear like the shin pads, socks and cleats.

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