Soccer Cones

What are Soccer Cones?

Soccer cones can be purchased by players or teams and are typically used as a training tool and to mark a designated area. Soccer cones help players improve in the areas of speed, agility and accuracy. The two main types of soccer cones players use are traffic cone shaped and disc shaped. The traffic cone shaped ones stand at approximately 6 inches tall and the disc shaped cones are flatter and circular. Both can be used to mark a section of a drill at practice and both can also be used to practice skills.

When purchasing cones, players and coaches should look for cones that are flexible and durable. Additionally, it is important for soccer cones to be bright colored so that players are able to see them from other points of the field. High visibility of the cones allows for better training. Soccer cones are simple and easy, yet useful, pieces of equipment used in the sport to enhance training and improve skills.

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