Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats

A player should have footwear specialized to grip the grass or artificial turf of the pitch. There are many different kinds of cleats, but soccer cleats are mainly used for traction.

The soccer field condition can change during seasons and in different weather conditions, but the cleats can maintain a good grip to the field, whether it's rain or shine.

Cleats are universal for both men's and women's soccer, and they are always low cut. Soccer cleats are required and usually checked before each game.

Below is a diagram of the parts of a cleat.


Before each game, referees typically line up the players of both teams and check each player's cleats. What exactly are they checking for?

On many other cleats, there is a metal stud on the front of the cleat used for gripping the field. However, in soccer, this stud is not permitted due to the close contact nature of the game and the possible injury it could cause players. The actual cleat length is shorter due to the fast paced nature of the game. You cannot wear another sport's cleats in a soccer match.

Referees also check that cleats do not show an unnecessary hazard to the game and other players. It is up to his discretion if cleats pass his checks.

Soccer Cleats

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