Soccer Centerback

A Centre Back is a classic defender; often large and physically strong, they patrol the center of the pitch. Often used in corner kicks because of their height, centerbacks typically play defense most of the game, coming up in the attack only to help midfielders with passes back towards their own goal if there is too much pressure.

How are they listed in lineups?

Also known as a central defender, a player position in soccer who specializes in defensive skills and typically plays towards the middle of the field further away from the touchlines. A centre back who will play on a specific side of the goalie. They are listed as either Left or Right centre backs in most lineups.

What is the job of the centerback?

The centerbacks are part of the defensive squad and tend to play in the middle of the field. One of the centerbacks is often designated as the sweeper, whose job is to “sweep” away any through balls or passes that sneak through the last line of defense. centerbacks are often tall, strong players that can win balls in the air and be a threat just through sheer presence.

What does a centre back do?

The typical defender, these are usually the largest and strongest players on the field. They patrol their own central defensive half of the field, usually defending the strikers and center forwards. In a x-y-z formation that starts with four defenders on the backline, the center two are designated as centerbacks with two more wider defensive players.

What are the physical traits of centerbacks?

Much like your typical centerback, these players are large and strong, however, a player designated with a right or left will prefer to play on that side of their own goalkeeper based on their specific footedness. This is because they will often be used in an x-y-z formation with three or five defenders.

What is a three defender backline?

In a three defender backline, there will be one true centerback and two wider placed centerbacks, one on the left and one on the right.

These players will be required to cover more ground, yet still provide defense in their own central defensive half. In an even more conservative/defensive formation, five defenders will be placed on the backline; one true centerback, one right centerback, one left centerback and two fullbacks.