Soccer Center Forward

What is center forward in soccer?

The center forward in soccer is a position on the field where the forward plays at the top of the formation along with the striker. This can change due to the formation but the center forward is generally at the top center of formations.

A Center Forward is a player who, like a striker will try to push play into the attacking half and look to score, but often are playing with multiple attacking players (such as in a 4-3-3) and thus not the focal attacking point, or as a false nine for their team's attack.

As a false nine, the center forward will be in the same position as a striker would, only to drop back towards midfield to open space for wingers, attacking midfielders or fullbacks to get in behind the backline. These center forwards can shoot, but are also excellent passers. Robert Lewandowski is the classic example of a true center forward, but more recently, Olivier Giroud performed this role for France in their 2018 FIFA World Cup win.