Soccer Center Circle

What is center circle in soccer?

A component on the pitch that surrounds the center spot. It has a radius of ten yards and is used during kickoffs and penalty kicks.

soccer center circle

What is the center circle and penalty area used for in soccer?

The circle and penalty area are both essential in any game of football (soccer in America).

What is the field's center circle?

The field's center circle is used for kickoff. Let's define what a kickoff is.


A kickoff is what puts the ball in play at the start of a match, second half, extra time, or after a goal has been scored.

What is the purpose of the field's center circle?

The only players allowed in the circle are the two players kicking the ball until the ball has been kicked. So the circle keeps the other players outside of the area.

What is the arc on the field near the penalty area?

There is an arc, the half circle on the field, which is attached to the penalty box. This arc is essential for penalty kicks. Penalty kicks are free shots taken from a penalty spot resulting from an infraction that occurred in the penalty area.

What is the purpose of the half arc?

When taking a penalty kick, all other plays must be behind the penalty spot until after the kick is completed. The arc keeps the other players behind the penalty kicker and ball, at a safe 10 yards away, which is the regulation. Without the arc, we would not know how far away 10 yards is.


In either scenario, the center circle and penalty arc are used for keeping both teams at a distance from the kicker or penalty kicker.