Soccer CDM

In soccer, the positions seem endless. There are a variety of letters cobbled together to describe what a player does on the pitch. One of the most modern positions that has gained popularity is the CDM, or Central Defensive Midfielder. What is this position? Let's explain.

Holding vs True Defensive

A CDM has become the new most popular player across the pitch. This is because a CDM has two different roles that have become crucial to modern soccer: holding or defensive. Let's start with the latter; A defensive midfielder is tasked with supporting the defensive efforts of the team. While not a true defender, they play a very defensive game. The best make aggressive tackles, many interceptions, and make it very difficult for the opposing team to play in the middle of the field.

Meanwhile, a holding midfielder has a slightly different role while being labeled a defensive player. A holding midfielder will play deeper, closer to the defense. However, instead of being an additional defender, they will often act as the primary connection between the defense and the rest of the pitch. The holding midfielder will receive passes from the defenders and then distribute to forwards and midfielders to start the attack.