Soccer Captain's Armband

The Captain's Armband

The armband is used to signify the Captain of a specific soccer team. At higher levels of soccer, each team will have a designated captain on the pitch who will primarily communicate with officials should confrontations or disputes arise.

Captains of each team are designated with an armband or a band that is worn around their leg. This allows the referees to determine who the captains are at a quick glance around the field.

Determining the Captain

For most professional teams, the manager designates the captain, but oftentimes the captain is the player who has been on the team the longest.

In younger leagues, the coach can choose a captain for each game.

Captain's Responsibilities

Captains hold some responsibilities throughout the duration of the game. Some of the responsibilities of captain are:

  • Submitting player information to the referees
  • Meet with referees and opposing team's captains for kickoff
  • Leading warmups prior to the game
  • Providing leadership for his team

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