Soccer Cages

What are Soccer Cages?

Soccer cages are mobile octagonal cages used for the sport of cage soccer which is also called Panna K.O.. The cages can also be used as practice equipment for soccer teams. These cages have eight sides and are made of galvanized steel. The upper halves have side netting for spectators to watch through and are safe for players if they accidentally bump into them. Two of the eight sides have small goals in their bottom halves. These two goals will be across from each other in the octagon. There is also one panel that has a door in it to allow players to move in and out of the cage. The cage itself can vary in size, with the most typical size being 5 meters in diameter. This forces players to play with more precision as they try to outsmart their opponent.

Soccer cages can be bought online from many sport supply companies and can be set up almost anywhere. They are advertised as being able to be set up on natural grass, artificial turf, asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, carpet, wood, sand, cinder pitches or almost any other type of ground. The pieces are easy to put together as each of the eight panels simply latch onto the ones beside it.

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