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What is a soccer pitch? What does a soccer field look like? Get ready to learn the basics of soccer fields.

The Pitch

The sport of soccer is played on a field, also known as the pitch. The Laws of the Game define the rules for the pitch including its lines, dimensions, and markings. The soccer pitch can be made of natural grass, artificial turf, or sand. Soccer can also be played on make-shift fields made of concrete or cement.

Soccer Pitch

REMEMBER: The Laws of the game require the game to be played on natural grass or artificial turf.

Lines On A Soccer Field

There are lots of lines on a soccer field including the sidelines, end lines, and the halfway line. The sidelines and end lines have alternate names called the touchlines and bylines.

Soccer Byline

Soccer Pitch Areas

You may notice different shapes when looking at the field. These components include the center circle, penalty spot, goal area, and corner arcs. These parts of the field are used during penalties, scoring, goalkeeping, kickoffs, and corner kicks.

Soccer Field of Play

Soccer Field Terms

If you'd like to learn more about the pitch, here's a list of terms you can explore and study.

Explore The Soccer Pitch

We also offer interactive graphics for you to explore. We made one for the soccer pitch to make learning the basics as easy as possible.

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