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Soccer Officials and Referees

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A soccer match isn't contingent on just the players. The officials and referees play a large part during the game. They are often the most scrutinized people on the pitch.

Soccer officials ensure that the rules of the game are upheld in every match. There are some nuances to the officials on the field, as not every official or referee has the same role. There are 17 laws of the game that officials work together to enforce throughout a soccer game.

The roles are as follows:

What is official in soccer?

A person, also known as a referee, responsible for spotting any rules violations and enforcing the appropriate penalties in soccer as defined by the Laws of the Game. There are seven officials (1 referee, 2 assistant referees, 1 fourth official, 2 additional assistant referees, and 1 reserve assistant referee) in a soccer game each responsible for different parts of the game. The Referee is the top official who makes the final decision.


Referees are responsible for ensuring that the game remains not only fair, but also safe, for both teams.

They spend the entirety of the game either on the field with the players or running the sidelines monitoring out of bounds and offsides calls. They also watch for fouls throughout the game and dictate calls throughout the game.

Do referees get the final say?

Yes. Like other sports, the referee makes the final call. A soccer match's ruling is up to the referee, which is why they are often victims of scrutiny from coaches, players and fans. The referees are the ones making split second decision that controls when gameplay is paused, when a foul will be honored and how the game will proceed.

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