Soccer Goal Kick

When an attacking team kicks the ball out of bounds along the byline of the goal they're attacking, possession goes to the other team. When this happens, the ball is kicked back into play by the goalkeeper with a goal kick. Let's learn about what a goal kick is and its purpose.

soccer byline

The Goal Box and Goal Area

The Goal Box is the box within the penalty area where a goalkeeper lines the ball for a goal kick. The ball can placed on this line by the goalkeeper once a goal kick is awarded, then kicked into play. In soccer, the goals are 8 feet tall by 8 yards wide. The goal area is the 6-yard box that surrounds the goal where all goal kicks are taken.

Soccer goal area

Soccer Goal Kick Rules

A goal kick most often happens when an attacking team shoots the ball out of bounds beyond the byline of the goal. However, a kick can be awarded when a foul is committed by the attacking team in the penalty area.

The goalie, or a defender, kicks the ball up the field, which is also called clearing the ball. The kicker kicks it toward the other goal so his teammates have a chance to carry the ball up the field and eventually score.

The goal kick is typically a very hard kick upfield with a lot of lift and air. It is not usually passed to a person specifically, but more to an open area on the field where an offensive player can meet the ball and play it.

soccer goal kick