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Soccer Corner Kicks

Table of Contents

What is corner kick in soccer?

A method of restarting play when the ball is kicked out of bounds. Possession is given to the team that did not touch the ball last as it traveled out of bounds. The ball is placed in the corner arc and a player on the opposing team kicks the ball into play. If the defensive team touched the ball last, the match is restarted with a corner kick. A corner kick is a free kick taken by the offensive team from within the corner arc. The kick will be taken from the corner nearest to where the ball went out of bounds. Corner kicks are prime scoring opportunities, where the offense may run a predetermined play, or set piece in an attempt to score.

Corner Kicks

One of the most visually striking moments in a soccer match is when teams send most of their players into the penalty area, with a lone teammate standing in the corner of the pitch to kick the ball into the cluster of players. What is this? Why does it happen? Let's learn about corner kicks below.

A corner kick is given to a team if the ball crosses the goal line and was last touched by the defending team. The ball is then placed inside the corner arc and kicked back into play by the attacking team. Often, the ball is crossed into the penalty area, but a short corner is becoming more popular, where the ball is simply passed to a nearby teammate who then either takes on defenders by dribbling or passing to a teammate in order to create a better scoring chance for their team.

Soccer Corner Kick

The Corner Arc

The corner arc is the arc in each corner of the soccer pitch, used for corner kicks. A team is allowed to place the ball anywhere in or along the arc when taking a corner kick, as long as some part of the ball is touching the field markings.

Soccer Corner Arc

Corner Kick Rules

A corner kick is taken from the corner arc on the same side where the ball crossed the byline. Defenders have to be at least 10 yards away from the ball before it enters play. A corner taker cannot play the ball to themselves or dribble the ball inbounds directly from a corner kick.

Excessive Contact

On a corner kick, it is common for the offense and defense to tussle in the box, each side trying to claim an advantageous spot. In this case, the center official will step in and warn everyone to avoid shoving and pushing.

Rules preventing excessive contact against the goalkeeper are especially relevant in a corner kick scenario if the goalie rushes into the fray to win the ball in the air.


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