Soccer Balls

Soccer Ball

Soccer Balls

The soccer ball is what's kicked around in the game. There are different sizes based on the age and level of the players. Soccer balls are typically covered with synthetic leather, stitching, and inside is an air bladder used to inflate the ball made of latex or butyl. The lining between the bladder and outer covering is applied to give strength on the bounce. In addition, the ball has the following characteristics:

  • circumference of 68-70cm
  • weight of 14-16oz (410-450g)
  • pressure (8.5-15.6 lb/sq in or 600-1100g/sq cm)

Match Balls

There are a few different types of soccer balls. The one that is used is contingent on the playing situation. For soccer matches, teams use match balls. Match balls are high quality balls that are aimed for good performance usage, and are not necessarily geared toward lasting a long time.

They are composed of a thicker layer of foam on the outside, which is why match balls appear softer and even "squishy."

Training Balls

Training balls, on the other hand, are more solid to the touch. They are composed of medium to high quality threading, and are meant to last a long time. Think of how many times a training ball could get touched in a week full of practices!

Training balls are also more commonly found in households and backyards, too. They are perfect for new players and for less intense recreational matches.

The outside layer of the ball is composed of a thinner layer of foam, which is why they are harder and can feel heavier.

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