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Soccer Away Goals Rule

The Away Goals Rule is used in some tournaments as a tiebreaker. When teams play each other home and away, if the aggregate score is equal after the second match, any goals scored at the ground of the opposing team will be worth more than goals scored by a team on their home turf.

What is away goals rule in soccer?

A rule in soccer that determines the winning team by whichever team scored the most goals while playing on their opponent's field. In two legged matches, teams play each other in both a home game and an away game. This rule is only used if the aggregate score is equal after the second match. If the aggregate score is equal, whichever team scored more goals while they were away is awarded the overall win.

soccer away goal rule

Win By Away Goals Rule

Game 1 (Team A's Stadium)


Team A (Home Team): 0

Team B (Away Team): 2

Game 2 (Team B's Stadium)


Team A (Away Team): 4

Team B (Home Team): 2

Aggregate Score


Team A: 4, Team B: 4

Away Goals Rule


Team A (Away Goals): 4

Team B (Away Goals): 2

Winning Team


Team A wins by the Away Goals Rule

Team Records And Game Results

When listing the teams in records, the home team will be the first listed team, followed by the away team.