Alex Morgan Bio And Facts

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is a familiar face when it comes to the game of women's soccer. She has done it all when it comes to the possible accomplishments that can be made by a professional athlete. Not only has she led her team, the U.S. women's soccer team, to win the FIFA Women's World Cup Championship two years in a row, but she has broken many records, and earned many titles and awards along the way. Alex has also earned one of, if not the, highest possible trophies in sports history, when she won Olympic gold in 2012 at the Summer Olympic games in the city of London.

She is known for being talented on a diverse set of skills whether it be with playing soccer, speaking two languages, fighting for wage gap equality, or even being a New York Times best selling author.

  • Birthdate: July 2nd, 1989 (02-07-1989)
  • Education: University of California at Berkeley
  • Net Worth: $3 million
  • Occupation: Professional Soccer Player
  • Height: 5'7" (1.70 m)
  • Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • Position: Forward, Striker
  • Years Active: 9
  • Nicknames: Baby Horse
  • Teams: Western New York Flash, Orlando Pride, and the U.S Women's National Team

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Soccer Career

Alex Morgan began her soccer career unofficially when she decided to join the soccer club, Cypress Elite, at the late age of fourteen years old. Following this after high school, Morgan was recruited to play soccer for the team at the University of California at Berkeley. After graduating a semester early, Morgan officially began her professional soccer career when she was drafted as the number one pick by the Western New York Flash. Later that year, at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, Alex's first time participating in the tournament, she continued to excel on the field when she scored one goal in the semi-final game, and then again against Japan in the final. Morgan was the youngest player on the US team at the time at age 22.

Unfortunately, the U.S. lost against Japan in that final game, but that only motivated Morgan more. The next year, in 2012, she earned a spot on the US Olympic women's soccer team and won her first gold medal after defeating the Japan squad.

Although later in 2016 Alex led the USA Olympic women's soccer team to the quarter final game against Sweden, they unfortunately lost in an intense round of penalty kicks. While Alex is not playing for the US in the 2021 Olympics, she plays for the Orlando City club team. Last year in 2019, she was able to play in a total of six matches, because her priority is to play for the US team in preparation for the world cup. Later that year, Alex led the U.S. Women's Soccer team as one of the co-captains, to the 2019 World Cup Finals where they beat the Netherlands team by two goals in order to take home the title. This World Cup win in 2019 was Alex's fourth World Cup title that she has won so far in her professional soccer career. Alex continues to play for both of these teams currently as of 2020, while she also works to fix the wage gap present between female and male professional sports.

Titles and Awards

Alex Morgan is one of the most decorated female athletes when it comes to the various awards and honors she has received, and continues to earn, throughout her soccer career. In 2008, Alex received the FIFA under-twenty Women's World Cup Silver Ball. She then proceeded to earn the title of the U.S Soccer Athlete of the year in both of the years 2012 and 2018. Alex has also been given the CONCACAF Player of the Year in the years 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2019, Alex was awarded the Silver Boot after her team, the US Women's soccer team, won the 2019 World Cup. In addition, Alex has earned a gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. And, in 2016, after scoring a goal in just under twelve seconds, Alex broke the record for the fastest goal to ever be scored in all of history for U.S. soccer.

Personal Life

Alex Morgan was born on July 2nd, 1989. She was born in San Dimas, California, but grew up in Diamond Bar, California. She attended Diamond Bar High School before getting recruited to play soccer at the University of California at Berkeley. She is known for her soccer skills, but she continues to make an impact on the community in many other ways. Along with the fact that she is a best selling author, she also has made a huge impact in the fight for wage gap inequalities, especially with women's professional sports. Alex likes to practice yoga, spend time with her family and their dog, as well as eat her favorite food, Mexican. Also, she's a vegetarian!

Fun Facts

  • Last year on April 4th (2019) Alex scored her 100th career soccer goal
  • Alex Morgan is also a New York Times best selling author, because of the series of kids books she wrote called The Kicks
  • Alex is also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. Going along with her ability to speak Spanish, Alex actually studied abroad in Madrid during college in the summer of 2009.
  • Alex began playing soccer more seriously in 2003, at the rather late age of 14, when she decided to join a club soccer team known as Cypress Elite.
  • In the spring of 2016, Alex, along with many of her teammates, filed a complaint against the women's soccer league in the US regarding the gender wage gap. Four years later, in the spring of 2020, a federal judge ruled against their complaint. Along with her teammates, she continues to fight for equal pay today.


What is Alex Morgan's full name?

Alex Morgan's full and legal name is actually Alexandra Patricia Morgan Carrasco. She was born in San Dimas, California. Alex was raised by her two parents Pamela and Michael Morgan, and she has two sisters, Jeni and Jeri Morgan. Her name has an addition at the end of it from her marriage in 2014 to her now husband of six year, Servando Carrasco. Although Alex's legal name includes Carrasco at the end of it, she still continues to play wearing a jersey with the name Morgan on it.

Where does Alex Morgan live now?

Although Alex grew up in California, she now lives in Orlando. Alex's husband of six years still lives in California however, so the two are constantly traveling back and forth in order to visit each other, on top of the rest of the traveling they do for soccer. Alex has to be in Orlando for the majority of her time due to the fact that she plays for the professional soccer team Orlando Pride. Orlando Pride is part of the NWSL.

Is Alex Morgan still playing soccer?

Yes, Alex still plays soccer as of the year 2020. She recently gave birth to her daughter on May 7th this past spring. Her daughter's name is Charlie Elena Carrasco. Once the season begins again, Alex plans to continue playing the sport she knows best.

What team does Alex Morgan play for currently?

Alex Morgan currently plays for two different teams. Her more local team that she plays for is known as The Orlando Pride. Based in Orlando, Florida, this team is part of the National Women's Soccer League. Although the NWSL is the top division of professional soccer that can be played by women in the US, Alex also plays for the U.S. women's national team.