Soccer Accessories

What are Soccer Accessories?

Outside of the typical uniform of a shirt and shorts, there are many accessories that soccer players will need. The list includes:

Shin guards serve the purpose of protecting the shins from balls or other players' cleats. Socks and sock tape help to hold the shin guards in place while the player runs during practice or a game. Pre-wrap can also be helpful to hold shin guards in place, as well as holding hair back out of a player's face as a headband. Players will also need at least one water bottle to keep themselves hydrated. At lower levels, athletes bring them themselves, while at more professional levels, they are provided by the venue or coaching staff. Goalie gloves are needed for any goalie in practice or at games. Often, goalies will have more than one pair of gloves just in case.

Coaches need to provide balls of the appropriate size for the age level they are coaching. Often, they will have up to a dozen balls for practices so that they can run multiple drills at once, and now have to worry about not having enough balls or wasting time trying to gather them up constantly. Coaches can also provide small, mobile goals for practice drills. These can be foldable for easier movement.

All of these accessories are needed for a successful practice or game of soccer and can be found online or a sports supply store. While many can be bought easily online, equipment such as cleats, shin guards, and gloves are recommended to be bought in stores so that athletes can try them on for size.

Soccer Accessories

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