Soccer 3 On 2

What is 3-on-2 in soccer?

The 3-on-2 in soccer is when there are three attackers against two defenders. This is often the result of a breakaway down the field.

Advantages of the 3-on-2

The strategies for the 3-on-2 are similar to that of a 2-on-1 scenario. Maintain control of the ball but utilize your teammates because one of them will always be open. Many 3-on-2 scenarios can lead to a scoring opportunity, so the goal is to carry it and gain as much field as possible.

Disadvantages of the 3-on-2

Just like the 2-on-1, there will always be one player that is considered "open" and not covered by a defender. It's important to put high pressure on the ball handler to make quick decisions and hopefully make an error so the defenders can take possession of the ball.