Soccer 2-3-5 Formation

What is 2-3-5 formation in soccer?

A 2-3-5 formation is a shape strategy in soccer with two full backs, half backs, and five forwards. The 2-3-5 formation is a well-spaced formation that allows the team to cover the majority of the field. This is often referred to as the pyramid formation due to its structure.


There is an even balance between offensive players and defenders, so it is important to maintain your zone during this formation. Spanning the entire field is an essential part of the pyramid formation. Coaches are most likely to implement this formation at the start of a game. There are not many circumstances that would warrant another formation to be chosen from the start.

Advantages of 2-3-5

Since the 2-3-5 has more than one player in every zone, the entire field is covered by players, whether on offense or defense. With five players on the offensive line, this allows for a lot of quick passing opportunities that can lead to a shot on goal.