1 On 1 Soccer

What is 1-on-1 in soccer?

A 1-on-1 in soccer is when an attacking player is guarded by a defender on the opposing team. This is also called man-to-man in many sports.

1-on-1 situations can happen as a result of a team’s error, a pass interception or a breakaway. Usually, the only obstacle between the offensive player scoring after overcoming a 1-on-1 is the goalie.

Defensive Tips for 1-on-1

If your coach chooses to play 1-on-1, be sure that your team is giving constant pressure. Pressure is what will force the other team to move the ball, and will hopefully result in a turnover.

Many offensive players will try to fake out the defender, because as soon as the offensive player gains the advantage, there’s nothing stopping him from taking a shot on goal. Being quick on your feet is going to allow you to keep your opponent in front of you and away from the goal.

Offensive Tips for 1-on-1

If your opponents are putting 1-on-1 on your team, keep your touches tight. This is extremely important to maintain control. Failure to bounce back on quick turnovers can make or break you gaining the advantage on 1-on-1.