Soccer 1-2-7 Formation

What is 1-2-7 formation in soccer?

A 1-2-7 formation is a shape strategy in soccer with one center back, two half backs and seven forwards. The center back is a very important role as he is one of the main leaders of the defense.

Advantages of 1-2-7 Formations

This formation is best used for long balls that are passed upfield. Since this position includes 7 offensive positions, it is definitely a formation to consider for a stronger offense. The seven forwards can be split among winders, inside forwards and one striker. Hopefully the large amount of forwards in this formation can overpower the other team’s defenders.

Disadvantages of 1-2-7 Formations

Some disadvantages include a smaller defensive line. If the offense were to lose possession of the ball near the other team’s goal, there are only three defenders that would pose a threat to the team.