List of Snowboarding Skills

List of Snowboarding Skills

Snowboarding has been around since the 1920s and has greatly evolved since using wooden planks to go down the slopes. There are many different types of snowboarding, such as freeriding for fun. Snowboarding also gets very competitive. For example, using a halfpipe and racing have been showcased at the Olympic level. This list compiles a variety of essential skills for those interested in pursuing snowboarding.

List of Snowboarding Skills

  • Bending Your Knees
  • Look In The Direction You Are Headed
  • How To Effectively Get Down The Mountain
  • How To Turn
  • Learning How To Fall
  • Making Sure Your Gear Fits
  • Having A Plan For Skill Development

Bending Your Knees

When bending your knees, it is much easier to accelerate when going down the slopes. The more you bend your knees, the faster you will go. When bending your knees, do not settle into a full squatting position and keep a more athletic stance. Having your knees bent is crucial when going over bumps on the slopes. When knees are bent, it's much easier to absorb the landing when the rider goes airborne.

Look In The Direction You Are Headed

One of the most important things to remember when you are on the slopes is having a sense of direction. If you look to the left, you will go to the left, and vice versa. It's natural when you are going down the mountain for your movement to match your vision path.

How To Effectively Get Down The Mountain

This tip is mainly for freestyle snowboarders. The idea of snowboarding for beginners is to get down the mountain safely. Beginners often struggle with controlling how fast they go down slopes. If you ride across the slope in a horizontal direction as opposed to straight down, you won't pick up too much speed and will be able to stop yourself as needed.

How To Turn

When turning, move your body in the direction that you want to go. Your upper and lower body have to be aligned at all times. If the body is not in sync, you could potentially fall.

Learning How To Fall

Falling is inevitable. This applies if you are a beginner or a professional. If you are going to fall, fall in a way that avoids a potential injury. Riders should bring their arms into their chest as close as they can to absorb the impact. The rider's legs should also be bent. Another smart way to fall safely is by falling directly on your butt. It will decrease the chances of a rider getting injured during the fall.

Making Sure Your Gear Fits

If your gear fits your snowboard correctly, it is likely you won't run into any gear-related problems once you're on the slopes. Boots connect with the snowboard itself. They should have a snug fit, but not tight to the point that you can't feel your foot. Also, your feet shouldn't move around inside your boots. If there is foot movement inside the boot, it will make it harder for the rider to put pressure on the snowboard's side. This ultimately makes it more difficult for the rider to make certain movements.

Having A Plan For Skill Development

The best way for beginner snowboarders to improve their skills is by having a plan of attack. For example, an excellent place to start is by learning the fundamentals of how a snowboard works. Next, learning how to turn is an essential skill that all riders must know how to do. Then, riders may learn how to perform small jumps over bumps. The idea is to start with the most straightforward techniques to learn and then move on to more advanced moves.