What is Ski Flying?

ski flying

About Ski Flying

  • Invented: 1934
  • Founded By: Josef “Sepp” Bradl
  • Highest Governing Body: International Ski Federation

Ski flying is a derivative of ski jumping, wherein the participants ski down a very steep hill, typically 185-200 Meters tall. The difference between Olympic ski jumping and ski flying is that the Olympics use smaller hills, only reaching 125-130 Meters tall. The skiers then use this speed to launch off a ramp and land within a designated “landing zone.” The sport is judged individually, and the standard scoring system that the International Skiing Federation sanctions utilize five scoring judges that award points based on distance and stylistic merit.

The FIS World Ski Flying Championship is considered the peak competition in terms of the sport, having held over 25 annual competitions, and is widely popular. The current world record for farthest distance flown belongs to Austrian ski jumper Stefan Kraft, who traveled a stunning 253.5 meters in the air before landing safely and breaking the previous record of 251.5 Meters.


What is ski flying?

Ski flying is a division of ski jumping that incorporates a much larger hill and covers further distances. The goal is to gain as much controlled momentum down the hill and then utilize that speed to launch skiers off high ramps. The skier then glides down and attempts to land in the designated landing zone marked before launch. The sport uses specifically designed hills, and the first of its kind was built in Slovenia in 1934.

What are the biggest ski flying competitions in the world?

The most significant annual competition for ski flyers is the FIS Ski-Flying World Championship, which has been in existence for over 25 years. The 2021 FIS Ski-Flying World Championship was held in Plancia, Slovenia, and Marcus Eisenbichler won the title while also entering the sports record books. He won with a perfect score of 222.5 out of 222.5 total points, and the next closest competitor only scored 216. Other competitions for ski flying include the ski flying World Cup.

What equipment do I need to go ski flying safely?

Years of training and preparation must be done before considering any potential gear required to go ski flying safely. Unlike regular skiing, no poles are necessary for this event. You will need a pair of specifically designed skis that are wider than normal skis to catch more air, which will help maintain lift during the jump. In addition to the skis themselves, a pair of boots that are designed to go with the skis are also a must. A helmet is necessary to protect skiers against head injuries, and proper clothing to keep participants warm and comfortable is also a must-have.