What is Alpine Skiing?

alpine skiing

Skiing has been around for hundreds or possibly thousands of years. Skiing has become a competitive sport over the last century, with many varieties coming about depending on the location. Alpine skiing is popular and appeals to both professional and casual skiers.

History of Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing originated in the Alps mountain range, a set of mountains spanning from France through Italy and Switzerland into Austria. Alpine skiing or downhill skiing is the most popular form of skiing. The equipment is simple compared to some other types of skiing; standard poles and skis, with ski length and width determined by the kind of terrain.

Alpine Skiing Competitions

In competitions, there are primarily five different types of alpine skiing. Downhill skiing is likely the fastest of all types of alpine skiing. The main goal is to get down the trail as fast as possible. Slalom skiing is when a competitor must turn through flags and hit them all to finish. The giant slalom takes this idea even more significantly. The super g, which stands for super giant slalom, is even bigger! The last type is combined, with elements of the four types mixed.

Alpine Skiing In The Winter Olympics

Skiing has been a significant component of the Winter Olympics since the early 20th century. While ski jumping, cross country skiing, and freestyle skiing get a lot of attention, some of the most-watched events and biggest stars come from alpine skiing.