Top 10 Ski Resorts In The World

top 10 ski resorts in the world
  1. Courchevel, France
  2. Zermatt, Switzerland
  3. Whistler, BC
  4. St. Anton
  5. Val d’Isere
  6. Vail Mountain Resorts
  7. Revelstoke, BC
  8. Cortina D’Ampezzo
  9. Telluride
  10. Niseko

1. Courchevel

All serious skiers and snowboarders should put Courchevel at the top of their list. Courchevel has many different slopes to keep everyone entertained. There are 60 different lifts at Courchevel! It also has one of the most challenging black runs in the world so if you are a beginner, choose your route wisely.

Courchevel is perfect for skiers looking for a resort with great views, well-maintained snow, and many different options since this is the largest alpine ski area. To reach this area, most people will fly into either Geneva, Lyon, Chambery, or Grenoble before taking a train/car to Courchevel.

2. Zermatt

Another very popular ski resort is Zermatt in the country of Switzerland. Zermatt hosts the highest vertical drop in the country and as if that wasn’t enough, skiers get to enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful mountains on the way down. The Matterhorn is visible throughout the ski resort's numerous slopes.

Zermatt’s multiple trails and breathtaking views make it perfect for any passionate skier or family trip. The resort also has plenty of outdoor activities near the slopes. Skiers can reach Zermatt by flying into Zurich or Geneva and then taking a gorgeous train ride!

3. Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is an incredible ski resort located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s the largest winter sport area in all of North America making it the perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders to explore over 200 different runs.

The resort has stunning views in every season but the area is especially charming in the winter. The resort has a variety of terrain levels for the whole family to enjoy as well as a quaint little village to relax in after a long day of hitting the slopes. Another notable aspect of this resort is that it’s just two hours away from Vancouver! 

4. St. Anon

Our list wouldn’t be complete without an Austrian Ski Resort and St. Anon is at the top of the Austrian experience. This resort is unique in that it embraces the après-ski element of skiing. This is the social element that occurs after a day of skiing.

First, skiers and snowboarders should take advantage of the gorgeous slopes across the powdered trails. Then, after a long day of skiing, visitors should head to bars like Moosewirt and Krazy Kanguruh for a fun night in the town. Tourists can reach St. Anon by flying into Innsbruck, Friedrichshafen, or Zurich.

5. Val d’Isere

Number five on our list is another French Ski Resort. Val d’Isere is in the French Alps but close to the Italian border. The expansive resort has over 150 lifts to allow skiers to explore some difficult black runs. It is recommended that even experienced skiers hire a guide in order to be safe.

This resort is perfect for skiing enthusiasts and especially those that are a fan of gold medalist Jean Claude-Killy. He grew up here and developed the resort to be one of the best in the world. It’s easiest to get to the resort by flying into Geneva or Lyon.

6. Vail Mountain Resorts

Vail Mountain Resorts is the first resort on this list located in Colorado, USA. The state is famous for its incredible skiing opportunities. Vail is Colorado’s largest ski resort at over 5,000 acres. This large resort also has a big variety of runs to keep all skiers and snowboarders entertained.

Experienced skiers enjoy the seven back bowls which is a large open area filled with bumps and glades. Of course, less experienced skiers will be able to find other exciting trail options. This resort is a quick car ride from the Vail airport or 100 miles from the bigger city of Denver.

7. Revelstoke

Revelstoke is a ski resort located in British Columbia, Canada. With it being located in the Canadian Rockies, it has beautiful scenery to keep everyone happy as well as steep drops to keep the adrenaline junkies satisfied. It also has trees throughout the courses as well as fluffy snow which makes for great skiing conditions.

The resort is very well kept so the experience is enjoyable from your first trip up the gondola to your last run down the slopes. Visitors from far away can reach this great ski resort by flying into Calgary and then driving to the resort.

8. Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo, like many of these ski resorts, has a gorgeous backdrop for skiers to enjoy as it is located in the Italian Dolomites. This mountain range is a popular destination amongst travelers. The ski resort was a bit of a secret for locals until it hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics.

The terrain is best suited for intermediate skiing so families can all have a great time on the slopes. It also has a really charming little town to shop and eat in. Cortina d’Ampezzo is best reached by flying into Venice, Innsbruck, or Milan and then taking a train/car in.

9. Telluride

Telluride is another beautiful resort located in Colorado, USA. It’s a perfect destination for skiers who enjoy high altitude runs since Telluride is in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The lift actually takes skiers and snowboarders up to over 12,000 feet in elevation.

This ski resort has many different runs to enjoy. There’s options for newer skiers as well as steep descents for experienced skiers looking for a thrill. The beautiful resort is best reached by flying into the Montrose Regional Airport or Telluride Regional Airport. Other airports in Colorado are a further drive but still manageable.

10. Niseko

Last on our list is Niseko. This ski resort is located on Hokkaido, an island in northern Japan. The resort is actually four connected ski resorts that together are all called Niseko United. These resorts have really unique trails that allow skiers to go down the slope of a volcano and view the impressive Mt. Yotei on the way.

The resort has lots of different trails for all levels so seasoned skiers can enjoy the less kept area for some long runs through the trees and fresh snow. Visitors can reach Niseko by flying into New Chitose Airport.