List of Skiing Skills

List of Skiing Skills

The sport of skiing can be very dangerous if you are not careful. It requires a bunch of unique skills that take time to learn. The list below will help you see what kind of techniques are needed to become a good skier. Make sure you have the right equipment!

List of Skiing Skills

  • Weight Distribution
  • Turning
  • Foot Position
  • Stability
  • Pole Planting
  • Carving
  • Jumping
  • Balance
  • Stance
  • Speed Control

Weight Distribution

This skill is very important when learning how to ski. Leaning too much to one side will result in you sliding down the hill on your side. Being able to know how much force to apply to your legs and upper body will help you stay upright all the way down the slope.


Turning might be the most important skill on this list. Since all slopes are not perfectly straight, you do not want to run into anything like a tree or fence. Being able to turn both ways will ensure that you do not have any big accidents while making your way to the finish line.

Foot Position

Knowing how to position yourself before you embark down the slope is extremely important. Having your feet facing forwards is important so you do not drift side to side when skiing. There are some points where you should point your feet in different directions, usually when stopping.


Focusing on your breathing and positioning will help you dominate the slopes. Stability is important within the core muscles, meaning that you should squeeze tight when making a hard turn so you do not lose balance.

Pole Planting

Using your poles can be very beneficial while skiing. Most importantly used to help pick up speed, it is important to hold your poles high enough so they do not hit the ground while you are moving quickly. Poles can also be used to help slow your momentum down, so make sure you have them ready.


Making a solid turn means that you utilize the skill of carving. To carve correctly, make sure your skis are on and edge when you start the turn. This will help you navigate the turn nice and tight. Be careful of your angle so that you do not fall over while making an important turn.


This skill is not used often in recreational skiing or normal competitions. Mostly used in mogul or freestyle skiing, it is important to know how to jump over obstacles. Using your legs and timing can help you perfect the jump, allowing you to clear your objective and score big points.


Another important skill to have while skiing is balance. This helps you maintain control throughout your run. Not having good balance and being a skier is not something you often hear. Being able to stay upright during your performance is typically attributed to good balance.


Similar to foot position, the skill of having a good stance relates to the whole body. This includes things like not being slouched and knowing when to crouch and pick up speed.

Speed Control

Knowing when to speed up and slow down can help you when skiing for fun or in competitions. Speed is useful for long straightaways but not so much on turns. Being able to gauge when to use your speed will keep you one step ahead of everyone else.