Learn To Ski

Don’t Rely on Teaching Yourself!

skiing 101

Skiing is a sport that when someone is first getting into it, they are going to be best off by taking a lesson or learning from a friend. Skiing is not a sport that one should teach themself. Not only is this not efficient, but it is also not safe. Somebody with zero experience going on the slopes by themselves can actually put them in a lot of danger. If they make a wrong turn, they can end up on a trail that is not for beginners and get lost or even hurt themselves. They can also get in the way of more experienced skiers, which could lead to collisions that lead to pretty bad injuries. It is strongly advised for never before skiers to take a lesson rather than go on the mountain by themself.  

The Timeframe in Learning Skiing

The great thing about skiing is that even the best skiers have areas in which they can improve their skills. For a beginner to officially get the hang of skiing, that will likely take up to 2-3 days to be able to get up and down the beginner trail safely. However, it will take far longer to be able to go and conquer all of the other trails on the mountain. The skill of skiing can increase throughout a skier’s career. While it may take somebody only 2-3 days to get down the trail safely, that does not mean the skier is getting down easily. At around 8-10 days, the skier should have no issues getting down this trail and looking as if he prepared for the next level of skiing.

Difficulties of Skiing

The levels of skiing have many different forms. On a ski mountain, you will find green circles, blue squares, black diamonds, and double black diamonds.  Green circles are the easiest, and almost everybody on the mountain with at least a little bit of experience will have no trouble skiing these trails. Blue squares are intermediate level. Skiers will likely need at least 14 days of skiing under their belt before safely skiing these trails. Black diamonds are for advanced skiers. They have a steep pitch, and may even have moguls, rocks, and other natural terrains to make it more difficult. Double Black Diamonds are the hardest trails by far. These are for skiers who have been skiing almost their whole lives. They have cliffs, trees, moguls, and are extremely steep, making it very difficult for the average skier.


How can I learn skiing?

There are a couple of different ways to learn skiing. The most efficient way is to go to a mountain and sign up for ski lessons. Just about every ski mountain in the country has a learn to ski program. These programs will offer you a full day of classes, and also complimentary beginner equipment all at a lower price than an average lift ticket.

To sign up for lessons, you need to go online and head over to a website of a ski mountain that you are planning on visiting. Then you will need to go to the lessons section of the site and see what they have to offer. All of these mountains will have customer support phone lines, so if you are ever having trouble, you can book over the phone. When you get to the slopes, they will give you a form to fill out, and you will answer a couple of questions about yourself and your skiing ability. Once that is all filled out, you are ready to go on the mountain!

What is the best way to get into skiing?

Skiing is supposed to be an enjoyable activity that one does on the weekend or during their leisure time. The best way to go skiing or to get into skiing is to make a trip out of it! Renting out a cabin or condo with a large group of friends will make for a great weekend on and off the slopes. Not everyone in the group has to be in the same skill levels either. As long as there are at least two people that have the same amount of experience, nobody will be left out, and everyone will enjoy themselves. The people with the lowest amount of ski experience can hang out on the beginner slopes and sign up for lessons for the first few days of the trip. Then, if they feel they are ready, those who practiced on the more accessible slopes can try and join the rest of the group and see if they will be able to ski anywhere else on the mountain. The more experienced skiers of the friend group can also offer pointers and make sure that the beginners are getting down the slope safely and keeping up.

What do you need to start skiing?

Skiing requires a large number of various pieces of equipment. To start, you need a pair of skis. There are numerous types of beginner skis that will be available at the local lodge or shop. You also need ski boots, which are available for rental or purchase at the lodge. Ski boots are often extremely uncomfortable, so it is very important people find the perfect fit. It is very common for people to get their boost custom fitted for maximum comfort; however, this is likely not necessary for first-time skiers. You are also going to need poles, although some instructors do not recommend them when you are first learning to ski. A skier will also require a helmet and goggles, as it is likely they are going to fall a couple of times! You are also going to need a warm pair of gloves, a jacket, and snow pants. Comfort is extremely important when skiing if your equipment does not fit well, you may not perform to the best of your ability, so you must be comfortable in what you are wearing when learning to ski.  

How much does skiing cost?

Skiing is an activity that does not always come at a low price. If somebody plans on learning how to ski at a well-known resort, it can be somewhat costly. For example, taking a lesson at Killington Resort in Vermont can cost up to $150 for a day of learning. However, these costs include a lift ticket, a personal coach, and a majority of the required equipment for the day.