How Much Does A Skier Make?

How Much Does A Skier Make

There are many avenues to earn money as a professional skier. Skiers can win prize money from competitions, they could make money through sponsorships, or they can post skiing content on social media and gain money through ad revenue. For these, the income distribution of skiers is very top-heavy, with the top skiers taking a large percentage of all of the skier's income. But with all of these factors being considered, how much does a skier make?

Olympics Payouts

The Olympics and X Games are the two biggest competitions for skiers to showcase their skills and gain exposure. This is also their best opportunity to make money. However, the athletes participating in these competitions do not get paid for simply showing up; they get compensated for winning medals. For example, Team USA pays $37,500 to gold medalists, $22,500 to silver medalists, and $15,000 to bronze medalists. These bonuses are awarded regardless of whether the skier or athlete earned the medal as an individual or as part of a team. Italy is the country that pays its Olympic athletes the most based on their victories, awarding a whopping $201,000 per gold medal.

X-Games Payouts

The X Games have a very similar payment process to the Olympics, where the better one places, the more they are awarded. However, the X Games differ from event to event. Another difference between the X Games and the Olympics is that the X Games awards prize money all the way down to 10th place, with the winner getting up to $50,000 and 10th getting closer to $1000.  The awards for the lower places are often so small that athletes may not even make enough prize money to cover their trip to Aspen for the X Games.


Skiers can also make money through sponsorships. If a skier garners enough respect and popularity in their event or events, then brands may offer to sponsor them. A brand sponsor will give an athlete money to promote their brand, which can be done in many different ways. The athlete can wear the brand's logo while competing, talk about the brand or product during press conferences and interviews, or even appear in commercials.


How much do skiers make on average?

There is a great deal of variation when it comes to the annual income of professional skiers. Most of these skiers do have a consistent salary and make most, if not all, of their income through their winnings and sponsorships. The annual income of a skier can range from $19,910 to $187,200, with a median salary of $44,680. Overall, the average American professional skier makes $64,168 before taxes.

Is being a pro skier a good career?

This question depends heavily on how one defines a good career. There are obvious red flags, such as low job security, high risk of injury, and little guaranteed money. However, being a professional skier allows skiers an opportunity to make a living doing what they love, as well as providing them the opportunity to travel the country or even the world competing and meeting people that share their passion. With an upside that strong, a pro skier could be considered a good career.