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Skiing is a winter sport where someone uses skis to glide on snow down a mountain. People ski recreationally or competitively. In competitive skiing, there are numerous different disciplines to choose from.

Alpine SkiingA speed skiing event where racers will ski down a slope racing around gates. The skier with the fastest time wins.
Freestyle Mogul SkiingMoguls is a competition consisting of a team run on a mogul course that focuses on technical turns and aerial maneuvers as well as speed.
AerialsWhen competitors launch themselves off large jumps performing precise maneuvers.
FreeskingInvolves skiers going down a course that includes obstacles such as rails, jumps and other terrain park features. They are scored based on the tricks they perform on these features

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What is Skiing?

Skiing is the action of traveling down a mountain over snow on two skies. It is primarily for sport and recreation. There are ski mountains all over the world that gain thousands of visitors each year.

Is it dangerous to ski?

Skiing can be a very dangerous sport. In Alpine skiing, there is an injury rate of two injuries per every 1,000 ski days. While it may not seem like an extreme number, backcountry skiing can be extremely dangerous, and has been responsible for many deaths. Skiing on resort property can be pretty safe, but it is always very important to know your boundaries.

What is the point of skiing?

People ski for many different reasons. Skiing can be a social sport where people go on trips with friends and family. Many people like to ski because they are competitors and they love the thrill of the competition. The reason that most people probably enjoy skiing is because of the thrill they get from it along with the adrenaline rush.

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