Skeleton is a high speed winter sport with a pretty simple premise. All you have to do is go from the top of an icy track to the bottom as fast as you can. The way you do this is on a tiny sled. At the top of the track you sprint as fast as you can while bending down and holding your sled. Then you jump on the sled, on your stomach, and lie flat. You then have to navigate a few turns as quickly as you can before reaching the finish line. Your sled has no turning mechanisms, and no brakes. Everything you do is solely with your body.

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What is Skeleton?

Skeleton is a winter sport made up of sliding headfirst down a track as fast as you can. It requires very little equipment, mostly just protective gear and the actual skeleton that you ride on. The sport is highly popular during the Winter Olympics due to its high speeds and exciting finishes.

Is Skeleton an Olympic sport?

Skeleton is an Olympic sport and has been a permanent part of the Olympics since 2002.

Why is the sport called skeleton?

Some people may think that skeleton got its name because of how dangerous it is. However, the true story is that when the first metal skeleton sled was brought out people said that it reminded them a bit of a human skeleton.

What is the difference between skeleton and luge?

A lot of people confuse luge and skeleton. It's understandable because the two sports are very similar. The main difference between luge and skeleton is that in skeleton you slide headfirst on your stomach while in luge you slide feet first on your back. Luge and skeleton also use different sleds. Luge sleds are controlled by your calves while skeleton sleds are more controlled by hips and shoulders.