What is Skateboarding?


About Skateboarding

  • Invented: 1950’s
  • Founded By: No single founder, but the first skateboards were produced by Bill Richard and the Chicago Roller Skate Company.
  • Highest Governing Body: World Skate
  • Olympic Status: Added 2020

Skateboarding is a riding sport where the athlete stands balanced on a wooden board with wheels. Skateboarding can be enjoyed competitively or as a recreational outlet for those looking for fun. Considered an extreme sport, skateboarding as a professional includes a multitude of competitions where athletes compete against one another in vertical and street-style events. Vertical events take place on a “half-pipe,” where the skater aims to perform various aerial acrobatics on a large ramp. In contrast, in street-style events the skater performs various tricks in a real or simulated urban environment that includes a variety of rails, stairs, and additional obstacles. Over the years, skateboarding has developed into a major part of the youth subculture, as it offers an alternative to structured team sports that are mainly controlled by adults. Skateboarding puts emphasis on creativity and individualism, which appeals to many young athletes.


What is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a form of riding sport where the athlete stands balanced on a wooden board with wheels, maneuvering the board through sets of obstacles with the intention of executing tricks or simply riding for leisure. Professional skateboarding features two types of events: vertical events that take place on a half-pipe and street-style events that take place in a simulated urban environment. Skateboarding is a very individualized sport that stresses creativity and uniqueness, which often appeals to young athletes.

What are the biggest skateboarding competitions in the world?

Skateboarding was recently added to the Olympic Games and first appeared in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Outside of the newly added skateboarding events in the Olympics, some of the biggest skateboarding competitions in the world are the World Skate Park Open, competitions as a part of the Street League Skateboarding itself, The X-Games (considered one of the oldest skateboarding events), The Dew Tour, The Mystic Sk8 Cup, and the Copenhagen Open.

What equipment do I need to go skateboarding safely?

While there are many pieces of equipment and skateboarding accessories that enhance the overall skateboarding experience, a select few items are considered a must-have to ensure the skater’s safety. First and foremost, of course, is the skateboard itself. A skateboard is composed of a deck, four wheels, and two trucks that attach the wheels to the deck and aid in turning or maneuvering the board. Other essential equipment includes a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, and shoes suitable for skateboarding. All of these items must be obtained prior to skateboarding to ensure the skater has a safe and memorable experience.