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Top 5 Hardest Tricks in Skateboarding

Top 5 Hardest Tricks in Skateboarding

What are the hardest tricks in skateboarding?

  1. Laser Flip
  2. Hardflip
  3. Backside Tail Slide
  4. Tre Flip
  5. Impossible

Skateboarding is a subjective sport, so this list may be the hardest tricks to do for one person, but a list of easiest tricks to do for another. That is the beauty of the sport. With that being said, these tricks are still extremely difficult to learn if you are just a beginner, so let's break them down.

1. Laser Flip

Skateboarding Laser Flip

The laser flip is probably the hardest flatground trick to land. It combines a 360 shuv with a varial heelflip.

A 360 shuv is when you flick your back foot down and back to make the board spin 360 degrees in the air with no other flips.

A varial heelflip is a heelflip combined with a front shuv. Heelflips are done when the front flicks the board forward, making it spin with your heel. A front shuv is when you push your skateboard forward with your backfoot, making it spin 180 degrees.

As you can see this is a very technical trick, and is why it is the hardest trick on our list.

2. Hardflip

Skateboarding Hardflip

The hardflip earns number two on our list of hardest tricks because of how technical it is. This trick combines a frontside shuv with a kickflip.

To do a hardflip, your front foot should be in the middle of your board and pointed diagonally. This is the foot positioning for a kickflip. Your back foot goes in the middle of the tail, with the ball of your back foot putting pressure on the heel-side pocket of the tail, which is the foot positioning of the front shuv.

The key to this trick is to pop hard so your board becomes vertical enough where you can flick your front foot and do a kickflip.

3. Backside Tailslide

Skateboarding Backside Tailslide

The backside tailslide is not a flatground trick, but a trick done on a rail, ledge, or hubba. A rail can be a flat bar or handrail over some stairs; a ledge is a flat block on the ground with waxed up edges; hubbas are basically ledges that go over stairs.

To do a backside tailslide you first need to approach your obstacle with your back to it. This is why it is called backside. Then you are going to pop your board, turn your shoulders slightly so your board turns 90 degrees and slide your tail on the obstacle.

This trick is extremely difficult because you are doing it on your blind side. Approaching an obstacle backside is already hard, and adding a tailslide to it makes it more difficult because you have to turn your eyes away from the obstacle and still lock into a tailslide.

4. Tre Flip (360 Flip)

Tre flips, or 360 flips, are number four on our list. This trick is the combination of a 360 back shuv and a kickflip. A 360 back shuv is like a 360 front shuv, except instead of pushing forward with your back foot, you push back. A kickflip is when you position your foot on the middle of your board and point it diagonally so when you slide your foot up to do an ollie, you are able to flick the board and make it spin backwards.

The key to this trick is the backfoot. You should scoop as hard as you can while slightly moving your front foot forward. This is not as technical as the other tricks on our list, which is why it is at number four.

5. Impossible

The name might seem intimidating, but this trick is not impossible to land. The impossible is one of those tricks where a lot of emphasis is placed on the backfoot. Here is how it works.

The front foot is placed near the front bolts and turned at an angle. Your back foot is placed on the toe-side pocket. When doing an ollie, you are going to scoop the board with your back foot and push forward so it almost looks vertical, and this will make it spin 360 degrees. It is similar to the 360 shuv, but the difference is the board is spinning vertically, not horizontally.