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What Is The Age Limit For Shooting In The Olympics?

What Is The Age Limit For Shooting In The Olympics?

The Olympics does not require a minimum age for athletes participating in shooting events.

There are a variety of shooting events included in the Olympics including varying pistol, rifle, and shotgun events. Many fans would assume that the Olympics requires its shooters to meet a minimum age requirement; however, this is not the case. The Olympics do not require a minimum age for athletes participating in any shooting events. An International Federation that governs the sport may suggest an age requirement for the Olympic Committee to approve, but the Olympics themselves do not have a minimum age set for any shooting events.

The policy to not set a minimum age limit for participants relies on the belief that any athletes skilled enough to participate in the Olympics have been through extensive training that takes years to complete. Therefore, no matter the age of the athlete, they should be properly trained. Additionally, it wouldn't be possible for participants of shooting events to reach the required skill level and progress through the necessary training if they were not of the right age.

Most Olympic shooters are between the age of 26 and 40 years old. The youngest to ever participate in a shooting event at the Olympics was 16 year old Jones Aislin from Australia in 2016.