How Do You Qualify For Shooting In The Olympics?

How Do You Qualify For Shooting In The Olympics?

In the Olympics, athletes qualify for shooting events by reaching a minimum qualifying score and getting a place in one of five quotas.

Every sport in the Olympic Games has a different qualification system, as determined by the IOC and the sport's international governing body. With the Olympics being very prestigious, with all athletes wanting to participate, qualifying is not an easy task. With a total of 15 events in the Olympics, shooting has a total of 360 spots in the Olympics for which athletes fight. There can be only 2 athletes of the same nationally in each event, and one team per country. That way, the maximum number of athletes that a same country can have in a shooting competition is 30. There are 5 different ways through which an athlete can qualify for the Olympics in shooting:

QUALIFYING QUOTA:Individual Mixed TeamsHost country Commission InvitationIndividual World RankingTotal
NUMBER OF SPOTS30012122412360

There is one more requirement to get a spot in one of the quotas mentioned above, the athlete must've scored a Minimum Score (MQS) in a predetermined period of time. The minimum score and the period of time are both determined by shooting's international governing body, the ISSF.

Individual Quota

There are 300 spots in the individual quota. The ISSF determines certain events in which Olympic spots will be part of the prize of doing well in it. That way, an athlete that wins a shooting World Cup in which there was at least one qualifying spot and achieves the MQS will guarantee their place in the Olympics.

Mixed Teams Quota

For the Mixed Teams event, the qualification works similarly to individual spots. However, there are fewer spots for teams, and thus all the qualification for the event is done through the sport's World Championship.

Host Country Quota

The country that is hosting the Olympics always has guaranteed spots in every sport. For shooting, the host country has 6 male and 6 female spots to distribute as it pleases.

Commission Invitation

The IOC reserves 2 invitations per individual event for the shooting events. The national commission submits requests for invitations, which are judged and later determined by the IOC.

World Ranking Quota

After all the places in all quotas have been filled, the ISSF checks its world ranking for all events and selects the best ranked athletes who have not taken a spot in any of the quotas, given that their countries do not already have 2 athletes of their nationality in that event.