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Expertise marksmanship has existed for thousands of years with people originally doing archery to show their skill. However, with the advent of guns, shooting has become a popular sport that demonstrates expert marksmanship. Shooting as a sport involves firing at various types of targets with rifles, handguns (pistols and revolvers), and shotguns to show an expertise in marksmanship. Shooting is an Olympic sport with the main events being a part of the Summer Olympics, and also is a part of the Winter Olympic Biathlon in which athletes ski and shoot.


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What is Shooting?

Shooting is a sport in which the participants try to be as accurate as possible shooting at targets using different types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Is shooting an olympic sport?

Shooting is an olympic sport having 15 total events (9 for men, 6 for women) that include rifles, pistols, air rifles/pistols, and shotguns.

What are the Olympic shooting events?

The shooting events in the olympics are divided by gender and by discipline. In the rifle discipline, there is the 50m rifle 3 positions, 50m rifle prone, and 10m air rifle for men and the 50m rifle 3 positions and 10m air rifle for women.

In pistol, there is the 25 m rapid fire pistol, the 10m air pistol, and the 50m pistol for men and the 25m pistol and 10m air pistol for women.

Lastly, in the shotgun discipline, there is the trap, double trap, and skeet for men and the trap and skeet for women.

What guns do Olympic shooters use?

Olympic shooters use various types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns including air powered pistols and rifles.

How do you qualify for Olympic shooting?

To qualify for Olympic shooting you first have to preliminary tryout sponsored by USA Shooting, then participate in the USA Shooting National Championships (USASNC), and then participate in the world cup and world cup finals.


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