What Is Windward And Leeward Sailing?

What is windward and leeward sailing?

Windward means towards the wind. Windward is considered the opposite of leeward. Sailboats tend to sail with the wind so this term is vital to know. Leeward means sailing away from the wind. To go leeward would be to go in the direction opposite to the way the wind is blowing.

In sailing, it is vital that you know the simple lingo in order to be the best that you can. During sailing, there is a specific language that is used to convey different commands throughout the boat. Sailing has different terms for left and right as well as other things because since sailing takes place in water, directions do not exactly work the same. Because of this there are terms like windward and leeward in order to direct someone on a boat in the desired direction. In sailing, windward is the term that is used to tell sailors to go towards the wind. The windward side of the boat is the side that the wind hits first. Therefore, if someone were to say to turn the boat windward, you would turn the boat in the direction of the side of the boat that is being hit by the wind first.

Leeward it is the exact opposite of windward. Think of leeward as the left to windwards right. This means that moving leeward means moving away from the wind. Therefore, if someone said to turn the boat leeward, you would turn the direction of the side of the boat that is not being hit by the wind. It is vital that sailors know and understand these terms as well as other sailing terms before going out onto the water. One wrong move could cause the boat to go in an undesired direction and possibly into dangerous conditions.