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Top 10 Sailing Brands

Table of Contents


  1. Hallberg-Rassy (Sailing Yachts)
  2. Musto (Sailing clothing)
  3. Mackey Boats (Sailing Boats)
  4. North Sails (Sailing Sails)
  5. Harken (Hardware and Accessories)
  6. Garmin (Technology)
  7. Raymarine (Autopilots)
  8. Yanmar (Sailing Engines)
  9. Seldén (Masts)
  10. Inmarsat (Satellite Communications)

1. Hallberg-Rassy

Hallberg-Rassy produces the most premium, high performance, and many times luxurious sailing boats in the world. Most of the best sailing yachts that cross the seas and go on adventures around the globe were made by the company, making Hallberg-Rassy the most desired sailing yacht brand by sailors. The manufacturer sells sailing yachts of different sizes, prices,and luxury levels; but all big, sea-cruising boats. The Swedish company has been around since 1972. Halberg and Rassy were rival ship builders, up until that year, when Halberg purchased Rassy's shipyard, founding the company we know today. A Hallberg-Rassy boat is unique and special in its own way, and the company became a symbol of reliability and luxury in the sailing world, making it one of the best and most respected blue water sailing yacht manufacturers in the world.


2. Musto

Musto is the one of the premiere, world-leading, sailing clothes brands. Wearing Musto is a synonym of comfort, style, and safety. Inevitably, sailors and their boat get wet, but with Musto, water won't be a problem. Musto's jackets, vests, pants, shirts, hats, bags, and others will keep their clients and their things dry and warm, while their special rubery sailing shoes will keep people from slipping on the boat, guaranteeing safety even in the worst conditions. The company was established in 1964 by a British sailor who took pride in innovating and engineering the best pieces of equipment. That way, cutting edge technology is part of Musto's DNA as a sailing manufacturer to this day, and keeps reinventing itself and staying as one of the world's best sailing brands. Musto is also the sponsor of many celebrated sailing teams, like the British Sailing Team, the German Sailing Team, the Swedish Sailing Team, the Swiss Sailing Team, and the Netherlands Sailing Team. In addition, many celebrated sailing athletes are part of the Musto team.


3. Mackay Boats

Similar to Hallberg-Rassy, Mackay also makes sailing boats. However, while Hallberg-Rassy produces big, blue water yachts, which many times are very luxurious, Mackay focuses more on small, fast, and competitive sailing boats, like Lasers and 49ers. If you are not familiar with sailing terminology, the boat produced by Mackey are those small white ones with one or two athletes in it that are used in the Olympic Games. Since its foundation in the 1960's, the company has become one of the premiere boat manufacturers in competitive sailing. Not only the 49er and the Laser, Mackey produces 10 types of off-shore sailing boats. The company has provided sailing boats to some of the most prominent sailing athletes and teams in the world such as Great Britain's, New Zealand's, and Australia's sailing teams. Their boats are good enough not only to be used by these athletes, but also to win medals with them. In the last two editions of the Olympics, Mackay boats have been involved in a combined 14 medals, and in addition to that every year in world championships many of their boats make into the first positions.


4. North Sails

The whole sport of sailing is dependent on one single piece of equipment: the sail. There are many, many different sailing disciplines, and still, all of them have a sail, making it one of the most important pieces of equipment of the sport. When it comes to sails there is one main company that stands out: North Sails. The brand has every sail need that a sailor may have, independent of which his or her goal is. North Sails produces sails for both competitive sailing and recreational sailing, making many options available for customers to choose when equipping their boats, and the company has sails to equip any and all boats. Since its foundation in 1957, North Sail is also always innovating, and has revolutionized the sailing world many times, by coming up with new sail materials and types. Many of the world's best sailors use North Sails' sails, not because they are sponsored by the company, but simply because they are one of the best in the business.


5. Harken

Harken is a sailing company that produces any hardware and accessories that a sailor may need to sail. Harken's products are present in all types of sailing boats, from 49ers produced by Mackay to mega yachts produced by Hallberg-Rassy, which include hydraulics, travelers, blocks, and winches. Today, Harken is a big international company selling products to sailors all around the globe, including athletes that compete in World Championships, the Olympics, America's Cup, and the Volvo Ocean Race. However, the company started small, with two brothers producing sailing blocks at home. Incredibly, Harken has evolved into one of the premiere sailing brands in the world. Although the company's focus is on boat hardware accessories, Harken also sells equipment for the sailor, such as sailing gloves, sailing bags, sailing hats, and sailing shirts.


6. Garmin

Garmin is one of the most important and technological companies in sport in general, making highly technological material for sports like running, swimming, golfing, and of course, sailing. In sailing, Garmin focuses more on making chartplotters and instruments that produce data and better inform sailors about their boat and the water. With that, Garmin's products are used mostly on big sailing boats, that go around the world in long regattas and have a team of sailors that take care of the boat. Garmin is the technology brand in outdoor sports, and can provide sailors some important information like wind, speed, depth, tides, and through its products create important maps. All together, Garmin provides the information necessary for sailors to make the best decisions possible when in the sea. Always creating and innovating, recently the company has come with a sailing smart watch, which aid sailors of big yachts to communicate and access data easily, in any condition, and from anywhere.


7. Raymarine

Like Garmin, Raymarine is also a technology company, but with a bigger focus on sailing. Raymarine designs operating systems, apps, sensors, and marine electronics in general, all to help sailors better understand and control their boats. One of the company's most successful and important pieces of gear are the autopilots, which are an important part of sailing big yachts. Raymarine's innovative tradition and long-time reliability makes them one of the best technological companies in sailing, and their auto-pilot system one of the most searched by sailors to install in their boats. Since Raymarine's foundation in 1923, the company has revolutionized technology and data in sailing, and many of their products have received international awards in both the technology and the sailing worlds. The company also produces equipment used in fishing, and so it sponsors many pro fishers. In sailing, the company sponsors celebrated racers Andrea Mura and Alex Thomson.


8. Yanmar

It may sound weird to someone to hear about engines in a sailing boat. Afterall, isn't the whole point of sailing being carried by the wind, which blows the sail and propels the boat forward? Yes, sailing boats do use wind-power to move most of the time, but some of the big sailing boats, in which people cross the seas and spen nights in the sea all have some small engines, which helps the boat move in times of wind scarcity. With engines being an important part of sailing, one of the main engine manufacturers, and thus a top sailing brand is Yanmar. Yanmar specializes in small and sailing engines, which are different than regular boat engines. The company has many options for sailing boats of different sizes and speeds. Whenever you see a big sailing yacht, it is likely that they will have a Yanmar engine somewhere, just in case the wind is not enough. The company has been around for over 100 years, and it's always looking to be more efficient and powerful.


9. Seldén

Seldén is a sailing company that makes pieces of equipment used in boats of all sizes, disciplines, and in all levels. If you are a first time sailor or a high-level athlete preparing for a competition, Seldén will likely have gear that you'll need to go out sailing. The company's main product are masts, but it also produces and sells any other gear that may be necessary for the mast and the sail to work together at the top of their abilities. The company makes masts of different materials such as carbon fiber and aluminium, and any thing that may be related with it such as blockers and winches. Seldén's care and attention to detail has made the company into one of the industry's leaders and preferred brands of the top sailors in the world. Not surprisingly, Seldén equipment has been in boats that have won Olympic, World, European, and National championships.


10. Inmarsat

Inmarsat is yet another tech company in this list, showcasing the importance of technology to sailing. Inmarsat is not a sailing specific company, it also deals with aviation, but its industry leading satellite communicating technologies are very important in big regattas that last days or weeks. In such competitions, where sailors find themselves isolated in the middle of the ocean, it is Inmarsat's antennas and equipment that allows the crew to keep in touch with those outside their own boat. The company often partners up with sailing races, such as the Volvo Ocean Race, proving the quality of their products in the most extreme conditions. In competitions like those, the company is not only responsible for monitoring boats and delivering information, but also for the overall safety of all of those taking part in the race, by allowing communication in case of medical emergencies and when repairs to the boat are needed.


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