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Sailing is a sport in which a boat is maneuvered by wind power instead of a motor. It is a strategic sport that can be done recreationally or competitively. It is extremely popular and fulfilling for people at any age. Whether it is day sailing, cruising, competitive racing, or using a boat for a vacation, there is a discipline of sailing that can cater to anyone's interests.


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What is sailing?

Sailing is the sport of using wind to power sails and propel a boat forward rather than using an engine.

How dangerous is sailing?

Learning how to sail in a river or lake is not extremely dangerous. However, once you go out into the ocean, it can be quite dangerous. A Rhode Island Hospital determined that it has a higher fatality rate than skiing and snowboarding combined with NFL football.

What is a regatta?

A series of races, also known as a regatta, is typically between two or more boats. It is held in the open ocean and consists of multiple races where an overall winner is determined. Some events within sailing include fleet racing, which consists of a large number of competing boats, and match racing, which is between only two boats.

How do I learn to sail?

Perhaps the best way to learn to sail is to join a local yacht club or another sort of amateur sailing club. At these clubs you can be provided a coach who can teach you the basic fundamentals in a safe environment.

Is sailing hard to learn?

To the surprise of most people, learning to sail is actually quite easy. If you are provided with a skilled instructor, you can master the basics in one afternoon, and be on your own after just a few days of lessons.


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