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Is Rowing An Olympic Sport?


Rowing is indeed an Olympic sport. Actually, rowing is actually one of the oldest Olympic sports and has been a summer Olympic event for men since the late 1800s and was first introduced for women in 1976 in Montreal.

History of Olympic Rowing

With the exception of the 1896 Olympic games in Athens, rowing has been featured at all of the Olympic games. Until 1960, the United States was a dominant force and the best country when it came to rowing. However, the Soviet Union, followed by Germany was the new powerhouse. Germany currently sits atop the rowing world when it comes to their athletic skill and prowess surrounding the sport.

Olympic Rowing Athletes

While there have been numerous rowers that have made a mark and been ambassadors of the sport throughout its long history, the two greatest Olympic rowers are Elisabeta Lipa from Romania (female) and Steven Redgrave from Great Britain (male). Elisabeta and Steven both have won five gold medals.

Rowing Events

Some of the 2020 Tokyo rowing events include:

Coxless PairDouble Sculls
Double SwainsEight with Coxswain
Eight with CoxswainLightweight Double Sculls
Four without CoxswainPair without Coxswain
Lightweight Double ScullsQuadruple Sculls
Single ScullsSingle Sculls