Rowing Basic Rules For Kids

Rowing Basic Rules For Kids

Rowing Rules

Rowing is a sport where boats are raced on water.

It can be done individually or in teams of up to eight people.

A team of rowers is called a crew.

A shell is a long, skinny boat made for rowing. 

Rowers sit in the shell with their oars.

An oar is the paddle used to push through the water and move the shell forward.

Rowers line up at the starting line in separate lanes and wait for the call to start.

The goal is to row the fastest to the finish line.

The two types of rowing styles are sweep rowing and sculling.

Sculling is when rowers have two oars, one in each hand, which they use at the same time. 

Sweep rowing is when each rower uses both hands for one oar, working as a crew. 

Crews have to row in sync and find steady rhythm.

Rowing racetracks are usually on rivers or lakes, with a length of 1 to 3 miles long.

The first team to pass the finish line wins!