Rowing is a very old sport involving the simple concept of pushing a boat from one point to another as fast as you can using oars. Rowing comes from the time when big ships used oars, as well as the wind, to be the most efficient while travelling. In modern day rowers sit in a boat called a shell. There are two kinds of rowing. In team rowing, where the shell is filled with eight rowers, each team member only holds one oar and they must work as a team. Two person rowing or in single person rowing is actually called sculling and each team member has two oars, or skulls, one in each hand.


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Rowing FAQ

What is Rowing?

Rowing is a sport where individuals or teams try to pull a boat from a starting line to a finish line as fast as they can.

What is a rowing team called?

A rowing team is called a crew.

Rowing is a popular sport in the US, in England, and in other parts of Europe such as Romania and Germany.

Is rowing an olympic sport?

Rowing is in the Olympics. Rowing has been in every Olympics except for the first ones in 1896.


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