Where Is The Rodeo Capital Of The World?

Where Is The Rodeo Capital Of The World

The “Rodeo Capital of the World” can be found in the small town of Cody, Wyoming. Much of the culture of the town revolves around all things rodeo. The town features rodeo events constantly during the summer months, and people come from all over the world to experience the rodeo mania that is Cody, Wyoming.

Why is Cody, Wyoming, the Rodeo Capital?

No other town in the world has such an obsession with rodeo as Cody, Wyoming. Its history with rodeo is in its very DNA, as the town was founded by William Frederick Cody, who was more popularly known as “Buffalo Bill.” Buffalo Bill was famous for his Wild West Show, which was partly responsible for the American obsession with western and rodeo culture. 

Nowadays, however, Cody has earned its title of the rodeo capital of the world for both the quantity and quality of rodeo events that it holds each summer. In the summer months, Cody actually hosts a rodeo every single night, which is known as the Cody Nite Rodeo. Additionally, at the beginning of each July, the town hosts the Cody Stampede, which is one of the premier rodeo events in the country. If you’re looking to watch some quality rodeo, there is truly no better place than Cody. 

What is the Cody Nite Rodeo?

During the summer, Cody treats rodeo lovers to the Cody Nite Rodeo, which is a rodeo that happens every single night until it becomes too cold outside to do so. The nightly rodeo features classic events such as team roping, barrel racing, bareback riding, and bull riding. The Nite Rodeo is not just a display, either. Competitors are vying for serious prize money every night, so the events are intense and competitive. The Night Rodeo generally starts in June and continues through August, with the events kicking off around 8:00 PM each night. The Cody Nite Rodeo always draws a large, lively crowd, and it’s considered one of the best shows in all of rodeo. 

What is the Cody Stampede?

At the beginning of each July, Cody, Wyoming plays host to one of the biggest events in the entire sport of rodeo: the Cody Stampede. The Cody Stampede is one of the most important events on the rodeo calendar, and as such, it attracts some of the top talents from around the nation. The event is sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association as well as the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. Throughout the course of the event, which usually takes about four days, competitors compete for over $400,000 in total prize money. One of the first events of the Stampede is known as “Xtreme Bulls,” in which 40 of the best bull riders in the country compete for $20,000. They’re put to the test against some of the most difficult and exciting bulls that the professional rodeo associations have to offer. Aside from traditional rodeo events, the weekend also has a parade, original art for sale, and delicious food available for purchase.