How Much Do Rodeo Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Rodeo Tickets Cost

The price of rodeo tickets varies, with some events having free entry and others costing as much as $225. Below is more detailed information on the cost of college rodeo tickets, professional rodeo tickets, non-professional rodeo tickets, and Olympic rodeo tickets.

College Tickets

Tickets to college rodeos can range between $10 and $160. Slack Rounds have the cheapest tickets because they are competitions held in the morning. Slack Rounds cost $10 for General Admission. For Saturday night tickets, there are four different seating arrangements, which means four different pricing options. Here are the following options for reserved Saturday night tickets: $15 for General Admission, $20 for Reserved Curve Seats, $28 for Reserved Side Seats, and $33 for Box Seats. For Sunday through Friday tickets, these prices change to the following: $10 for General Admission, $15 for Reserved Curve Seats, $23 for Reserved Side Seats, and $28 for Box Seats. 

Season tickets can also be purchased. The prices are as follows: $75 for General Admission, $100 for Reserved Curve Seats, $135 for Reserved Side Seats, and $160 for Box Seats.

Included with the price of a ticket to the College National Finals Rodeo, in particular, is a tradeshow. When going to the rodeo, it would be wise to arrive early to attend the tradeshow in order to get the full value of your ticket. More than 25 vendors participate and sell all kinds of products, most involving cowboy and cowgirl gear. The tradeshow opens before many events, including the Bulls, Broncs, and Breakaways on Sundays, the Slack Rounds, and the Saturday night events. If you are interested in buying anything from the tradeshow, your overall costs for the rodeo will increase.

Professional Tickets

Tickets to professional rodeos cost between $0 and $225. This range is a big gap, but these numbers are also extremes. However, average rodeo ticket prices range from $30 to $48 per ticket. 

Below is a detailed look at the different Pro Rodeos and their ticket prices. The table illustrates the average price for some rodeo tickets. The table also includes the rodeo’s location in order to factor in travel costs depending on where you live and how far you are traveling. Also, it is essential to note that the price for the Edmonton Pro Rodeo is more because it is for 2-Day Passes.

Pro RodeoLocationAverage Ticket Price
Farm-City Pro RodeoHermiston, OR$30.00
Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo SeriesSteamboat Springs, CO$41.00
Cedar Park Pro RodeoCedar Park, TX$46.00
Payson Pro RodeoPayson, AZ$38.00
Enumclaw Pro RodeoEnumclaw, WA$46.50
Nicola Valley Pro RodeoMerritt, BC$42.00
Pro RodeoMonroe, WA$32.50
Gem State Classic Pro RodeoBlackfoot, ID$42.00
Pro RodeoSaint-tite, QC$76.50
Edmonton Pro RodeoEdmonton, AB$172.50
Industry Hills Pro RodeoLa Puente, CA$65.00
Pro RodeoDenver, CO$42.00
Southeastern Pro RodeoOcala, FL$47.00

Some of these Professional Rodeo tickets may actually be lower than these averages, especially if discount codes are used. On average, a discount code takes about 4% off, but occasionally it can get you up to 70% off.

Regular Competitor Tickets

Most of the rodeos that take place are run by the PRCA, which stands for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. So, since all of these rodeos must meet the standards of a professional rodeo in order to be sanctioned by the PRCA, most rodeos have professionals competing in them. As a result, the majority of rodeos are the same price, even if non-professionals are competing.

Olympic Tickets

Unfortunately, rodeo has only been a part of the Olympic Games twice, once in 1988 and once in 2002. Even then, the rodeo was never an official part of the Olympic program and was only part of the Olympic Arts Festival both times. Tickets to the 1988 Calgary Olympic Arts Festival were priced from $3.35 to $33.53 during that time. This fact means that tickets to the “Challenge Cup” (what the rodeo was called) were priced in that range. Tickets to the Olympic Command Performance Rodeo at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Arts Festival were priced from $25 to $75 at the time. 

The closest to the Olympic Games that one will get is the Special Olympics Rodeo, which is also called the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Tickets to the Special Olympics Rodeo are free. Also, the College National Finals Rodeo holds them at the Ford Wyoming Center, which may factor into traveling expenses.