Racquetball is a sport played in a court with a wall, two or four players, racquets and a ball. Racquetball is similar to tennis, handball, or squash where the goal is to hit the ball before it takes a second bounce. Players will take turns hitting the ball against the wall. The goal is to make the other person miss the ball. If they do you win a point. Racquetball is a popular sport because it is fast paced and relatively easy to play.


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What is Racquetball?

Racquetball is a ball sport played with racquets and a rubber ball. The object of the game is to hit the ball against a wall and beat your opponent. If the ball bounces twice before your opponent can hit it you'll win a point.

Are squash and racquetball the same thing?

Squash and racquetball are very similar sports but they aren't the same thing. The courts for racquetball and squash or essentially the same. The difference is the racket and ball. The ball in squash is smaller and a lot less bouncy than in racquetball. The racket in squash is longer and thinner than in racquetball.

How do you play racquetball?

The way to play racquetball is to swing the racket at the ball in a down to up motion. The swing is highly technical. Basically you want to react and hit the ball against the wall no matter where your opponent hits it.

Where is racquetball played?

Racquetball can be played anywhere with a wall. However, for official racquetball games you'll need to be inside. The court will need four walls. Usually the back wall is made of glass. The court will have lines on the floor for serving.


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