Quidditch is a fictional sport popularized by the Harry Potter series written by J.K Rowling. Fans brought the sport to life in 2005 at Middlebury College, and while still relatively young it's growing worldwide. In 2007, the first quidditch Worldcup was held in Middlebury, Vermont. The rapid growth in popularity of the sport is noteworthy, in fact, the University of California Los Angeles was the first school to create a permanent quidditch pitch. The game is sometimes referred to as muggle quidditch, and to note lingo, a muggle is a non-wizard.

Quidditch is also spelled with a lowercase "q" when referring to real life gameplay. The fictional sport includes magic, broomsticks, and enchanted equipment. quidditch is a universal sport in game play, and rules. Muggle quidditch states a gender rule, wherein which there can only be four people who identify as the same gender on the field. This ensures not only a co-ed environment, but a space for people who do not identify with the gender binary.


In quidditch, the goal is to catch the Golden Snitch while earning more points than the other team. The game begins when the referee releases the quaffle into the air.

Player Positions

A team consists of 7-21 players, of which six are always on the field. The field is called a pitch, and each team has three Chasers, one Keeper, and two beaters. Chasers on opposing teams must attempt to get the quaffle, a deflated volleyball, down the pitch and into one of three hoops, varying in size, on the opposing side. Keepers are similar to goalies, they attempt to block the quaffle from getting into their teams' hoops. Chasers and Beaters are equipped with bludgers, dodgeballs, used to knock other players out of the game. Once a player is hit they must dismount from their broomsticks. The snitch in quidditch is a tennis ball within a sock, tied to the back of an unbiased official, and they're dressed in yellow to pay homage to the "golden snitch".

Rules and Regulations

Games run between 30 to 40 minutes, but in case of a tied score, teams will go into overtime.

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