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Polo (Horses)


Polo is a team sport played by competitors on horseback. The goal of polo is to try and score on the opponent's goal. Players use long mallets to hit the ball between teammates and to shoot the ball. 4 players are on each team. Polo is one of the oldest known sports and is currently most popular in Argentina, USA, and Britain.

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What is Polo?

Polo is a sport in which competitors ride horses and use mallets to hit the ball into the opponents goal. Polo is a fast paced and entertaining game to play or watch. Four players are on each team at a time. They each have unique positions and responsibilities. The game is divided into chukkas, periods, and horses are switched out in between chukkas. Polo is one of the oldest sports in the world and its' true origins are unknown.

Polo is played around the world. There are highly respected tournaments in numerous countries. Polo is most popular in Argentina, USA, United Kingdom, and Brazil. Argentina has been the most accomplished at the international level.

Is polo an expensive sport?

A stereotype of polo is that it is a sport only for rich people. However, this is not entirely accurate. To fund and support a successful national or international competing team can be extremely expensive. It is similar to owning a basketball or baseball team. Playing for fun and locally is not too expensive. The main costs will come from a club membership and paying to participate in games. The equipment is not too expensive.