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What Is A Ring Game In Poker?

Poker Ring Game

A Ring Game is a non-tournament poker game played with real money at stake.

The basics of a ring game are that there are no predetermined finish times, players can enter and leave as they wish, and you need to meet table requirements. Ring games can vary in their table requirements but generally it includes a buy in, and preventing people from "going south." A buy in is the money that you need to put on the table in order to get into the game, while "going south" is a term that means that you can't remove a portion of your stack from the table in order to reduce your stakes. As people doing this make the game less fun and defeat the purpose of playing the game. So overall you don't need much to start your own Ring Game, as you only need the most basic table requirements and to actually use real money.

Here are some other important facts about ring games:


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