Top 5 Poker Brands

Top 5 Poker Brands

Poker is a popular wagering card game played around the world in casinos and in friendly games in people’s homes. Poker is also widely played online in areas where gambling is legal. Keep reading to learn about the biggest brands in poker.

  1. PokerStars
  2. Kem Playing Cards
  3. PartyPoker
  4. Bicycle Playing Cards
  5. Fat Cat (GLD Products)

1. PokerStars

If there is one brand that people know regardless of their poker abilities, it’s PokerStars. PokerStars is an online platform for poker, for anyone from new poker players to poker professionals. PokerStars is the most known host for poker games and is also the best rated site to use for online poker games.

PokerStars makes its way to in-person poker as well, mainly through sponsorships. PokerStars is a visible sponsor at the World Series of Poker, both at the tournament itself and through the players. A highly-famous poker player in the world, Daniel Negranu, was sponsored by PokerStars for 12 years. Its visibility alone is reason enough to rate PokerStars as the number one poker brand in the world.

2. Kem Playing Cards

Poker is a game that requires very little equipment. The most key piece of equipment for poker are the playing cards. Passionate poker players are very passionate about their playing cards. Players will collect expensive and fancy cards as much as they can.

While there are brands that make gold-plated and fancy cards, the most reliable and best cards for average poker players are Kem Cards. Kem produces a variety of playing cards that can be made for average home poker games or for casinos, as well as automatic card-shuffling machines. If you’re looking for the best brand of playing cards for your next poker night, look no further than Kem.

3. PartyPoker

While PokerStars is the best-known site for online poker, PartyPoker is no slouch in the poker world. PartyPoker, like PokerStars, is an online site for poker players to play. PartyPoker might not be a brand you see as much at major poker tournaments, but they also sponsor a fair share of poker players. Kevin Hart, the world-famous comedian and avid poker player, is a PartyPoker ambassador. Other PartyPoker ambassadors include Jason Koon, Kristen Bicknell, and Carl Froch.

PartyPoker’s site encourages competition online, shown by their sponsorship of Twitch athletes who play online poker on their site. It may not have the same recognition of PokerStars, but PartyPoker is a poker brand that earns a spot on the top five list.

4. Bicycle Playing Cards

If you’ve ever played any card game, including poker, you’ve probably used Bicycle playing cards at some point. Bicycle is a brand that sells playing cards and other card games as well. The most famous cards that Bicycle sells are the red and blue sets, which you can buy alone or together depending on what you are looking for.

Bicycle also gets fancier with different designs on playing cards, from the U.S. Capitol to neon colors and architectural wonders of the world. Bicycle is not a brand that you may see at the World Series of Poker. In fact, it is not a brand that is highly-touted for professional poker players. However, for beginner and casual poker players, Bicycle cards are reliable, durable and a good choice for your next poker night.

5. Fat Cat (GLD Products)

Other than cards, the second most important piece of equipment that you need for poker are poker chips. The best brand for poker chips, and for other poker equipment, is Fat Cat. The Clay Poker Chips Set made by Fat Cat is highly regarded as the best option for a set of poker chips.

The set has 500 poker chips as well as cards, and any other poker accessories that you need for a casual poker game with your friends. The set comes with an aluminum case that will make you feel like a real casino player, carrying around your chips. Fat Cat also produces other poker equipment, including a fold out poker table if you want to make your poker night feel even more like time at a casino. Fat Cat is the best brand for poker chips, and for miscellaneous poker items.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other great poker brands, including websites for online poker gaming, playing card companies, and poker chip manufacturers:

  • 888poker (website)
  • Bee (cards)
  • BetOnline (website)
  • Clay Pro (chips)
  • Claysmith (chips)
  • Copag (cards)
  • Da Vinci (chips)
  • Gemaco (cards)
  • GGPoker (website)
  • IDNPoker (website)
  • Ignition (website)
  • Kovot (chips)
  • Modiano (cards)
  • Smilejoy Gaming (chips)
  • Tally Ho (cards)
  • Trademark Poker (chips)
  • World Series of Poker (website)


What is the best poker brand?

PokerStars is the best poker brand. The website is one of the oldest and most trusted online poker platforms. The brand also sponsors several top professional poker players, maintaining a presence in the in-person poker world as well.