How Much Does A Pickleball Coach Make?

How Much Does A Pickleball Coach Make

Pickleball combines the sport of ping pong and tennis. Players run around a pickleball court, hitting a Wiffle ball over the net and on the other team’s side of the court with paddles that resemble oversized ping pong paddles. Coaches teach the fundamentals of pickleball, such as the game’s rules, major strategies, how to serve properly, how to hit the ball and position one’s wrist, and many others. Read on to learn more about how much a pickleball instructor can make.

Pickleball Coach Salary

Pickleball coaches make anywhere from $1,500 to $9,750 a month or $18,000 to $117,000 a year. The average coach rolls in about $58,000 a year; the high end of that average falls at about $74,000, and the low end at $35,000. Top earners, typically those who coach professionals or higher-earning clients, can make almost six figures for their instruction.

The larger figures above tend to surprise people. However, pickleball is a specialized up-and-coming sport whose fanbase is increasing. Thus, instructors are in high demand and can charge $30 an hour or more for their services. It is important to remember, however, that all of those stats are based on a 40-hour work week. Therefore, coaches would need to rack up a lot of customers to work that much, or they would need to work at a pickleball coaching institution that would pay them by the hour.

How to Succeed as a Pickleball Coach

Every coach has to start with the fundamentals. To be a top-earning pickleball coach, you must learn the basics yourself, and you must learn them flawlessly. The basics are the foundation upon which any coach must build their platform. If a coach fails at the fundamentals, the ground they stand on will give way, and they will lose their footing as an instructor. Therefore, pickleball coaches must first work hard to be good at pickleball before they can expect to make good money.

After a coach has the basics down, it is essential to have an effective marketing campaign. Today’s world revolves around the internet and social media; therefore, having a social media presence is essential to success if a coach has any hopes of making it on their own. However, there are other options. Getting good and having a pickleball presence can put coaches on the map and help them catch the eye of Pickleball Coaching International or the Professional Pickleball Registry. These resources can give a jump start to rookie coaches.

Pickleball Coaching as an Effective Business

Great professional pickleball coaches can make almost six figures a year. Therefore, they typically do not need any other jobs to make ends meet. As long as they are good and have an effective marketing presence, they can get all the money they need. However, lower-end earners may need to make additional money on the side. They could do so by making pickleball videos, teaching, tutoring, or coaching in other forms.

Additionally, pickleball coaches can increase their earnings by starting their own coaching businesses. They could set up shop and teach groups at the same time, or still keep lessons one-on-one but hire more coaches to fill any needs.


How much do pickleball coaches make on average?

Pickleball coaches make $58,000 a year on average ($1,200 a week or $30 an hour). Granted, all of those stats are based on a 40-hour work week. Therefore, pickleball coaches would have to have a lot of business or work at a pickleball coaching institution to make that kind of money.

Is being a pickleball coach a good career?

Pickleball coaching is a great career in a fast-growing sport. National interest in pickleball continues to increase, and most people that play it are well-off, which allows coaches to charge a lot for their sessions. Coaches make an average of $58,000 a year and have the opportunity to grow their marketing presence as they take on new customers and compete in pickleball tournaments themselves.