How Long Is A Padel Game?

How Long Is A Padel Game

Due to its similarity to sports like tennis and pickleball, many people may have different perceptions of how long a game of padel will last. But how long is a game of padel, truthfully, and how does the length of a game compare to other racket sports? Here, we will take a look at how long a game of padel typically lasts by analyzing the scoring rules of the sport and the trends of the game.

How is Padel Scored?

Padel Scoring

In order to gauge how long a game of padel can last, it is important to understand how padel is scored. In regards to scoring, padel is very similar to tennis, adopting a similar scoring system composed of points, games, and sets. A typical padel match will be played in three sets, meaning that the first side to win two sets will win the match. Each of the three potential sets played must be won in six games. The first side to win six games wins the set unless there is a 5-5 game tie or a 6-6 game tie. If there is a 5-5 tie, the set is played to seven games, and if there is a 6-6 tie, a seven-point tiebreaker is played.

Each of the games needed to win a set in padel consists of four points. Just as in tennis, the scoring of these points progresses from zero to fifteen, to 30, to 40, and then to winning the game. Additionally, if players are tied at three points apiece, they are in a deuce, and the scoring of one additional point will place one side at an advantage. 

How Long Does a Padel Game Last?

With the above breakdown in mind, it is unsurprising that the length of a padel game is similar to that of a tennis match. Of course, as with any racket sport, the game's timing largely depends upon the players involved. If a padel game is played between two amateur players, the match may very well be shorter, lasting about one hour. However, when played between veteran players, a game of padel can easily last over two hours, occasionally verging on two-and-a-half or even three hours. This time can be extended by various breaks in the flow of play, such as the time needed to retrieve balls, drink water, and prepare for a serve.

How Does Padel Compare to Other Racket Sports?

As said above, the most comparable sport to padel in terms of duration is tennis. Tennis and padel share many characteristics, and many tennis players (such as world-famous tennis star Novak Djokovic) have even played padel themselves. Compared to other racket sports, padel is usually a longer and more involved game. For example, Padel games tend to be longer than pickleball games, as pickleball games usually only last between 15 and 25 minutes due to pickleball’s different scoring system, which requires fewer points to win a match.   


Padel is an excellent and unique choice of activity for players who enjoy the intensity and athleticism of racket sports like tennis and pickleball. However, because it operates similarly to tennis, potential padel players should be aware that a game of padel can often last for an hour or longer, representing a decent time commitment. Nevertheless, padel remains a fun and engaging way to spend a few hours with family and friends.